Senin, 04 September 2017

Throwback Thursday

A Year ago  i was very lucky to have invited to see the very important and absolutely precious batik collection of Bapak Hartono Sumarsono, the owner of "Batik Kencana Ungu" 
These are few of them for you to enjoy. . 

My Friend's Creation

He's government officer actually but i knew him at Batik Market as juragan that own batik malam,s stall. 
And this is his work. Beautiful isnt it. 

Rabu, 15 Juli 2015

Another Show

About a month ago The Grand Palace Dept Store asked me about the support to dress their male models in their latest Nusantara-themed show. It was like before, all of their male models will wear The Pasongsongan Premium Original Creation. 
We prepared 3 different looks

Sabtu, 11 Juli 2015

Jumputan : newfound interest

For you who treated your Batik collection as part of your active wardrobe ensemble, it is evidently important to have "as many as possible" arrays of traditional brouses mathced with any possible combinations of your batik treasures. Or you just made things up o have reasons to shop more.
Anyway, my friends have folow the rather-late trend of using jumputan as their fabric to make kebaya kutubaru , tradtional blouse with panel between right & left side of your shirt (you'll see few of illustration. However, none are my original pictures)

Jumputan is both the fabric name & the technique to apply design to otherwise blank sheet of linen (or silk or whatever you want to work with).
The technique is actually simple : you tied part of fabric you wont want the coloring agent to seep-into the respective part, so it remain as the fabric was originally appears. 
The result was very elegan and traditionally classic and super-feminine kebaya. 

* the image of fabric was FB Blog of "Jumputan Cindelaras"
* i just couldn't remember the blog or websides was , but mostly the kebaya jumputan's images was from the very-successfull show of Anne Avantie, the queen of Kebaya in Indonesia